SEMrush: Keyword research and SEO content creation [Guide]

How to do keyword research for SEO with SEMrush [Guide] blog header
  • Keyword overview
  • Keyword magic tool
  • Keyword manager
  • Competitors’ keywords report

SEO keyword research

Keyword Overview

  • Keyword search volume (global, top markets, and the market selected, if not already in top markets)
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Keyword search trend over the past 12 months
  • Number of results on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • Keyword variations, questions, and related keywords
  • Top search results

Keyword Magic Tool

Broad Match

  • “best keyword research tools” (note how it includes the plural form of your keyword)
  • “seo tools keyword research

Phrase Match

  • keyword online research tool
  • “adwords keyword tool for keyword research

Exact Match

  • “free keyword research tool
  • “seo keyword research tool
  • “competitor keyword research tool


Keyword Manager

  • Consult and analyse the complete data of the selected keywords
  • Add keywords from different databases into one list (this is particularly helpful if you have keywords that are ranking in different countries)
  • Send these keywords to other SEMrush tools such as position tracking, which monitors keyword rankings and tracks changes over time
  • Import relevant keywords into the list from other sources

SEO keyword analysis of your digital competitors

Identifying your competitor’s keywords

Competitor keyword research

SEO keywords of a specific page

Other SEMrush keyword research features

  • SEO Content Template: Provides a list of basic SEO recommendations such as adding related keywords and including keywords in the title, H1, text body.
  • SEO Writing Assistant: Helps you check whether your text can be further optimised. If you’re used to working in Google Docs, you can also download the Google Doc add-on so that SEO recommendations show up in Google Docs directly.



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