How to create a lead generation campaign with downloadable content

Step #1: Define the topic and angle

Screenshot of LinkedIn’s Once Upon a Digital Time ebook

Step #2: Create the content

  • Dive deeper into one (or more) talking points
  • Interview industry experts and specialists for a fresh angle
  • Launch a survey to collect data and statistics on the topic
  • Create graphics to convert it into more visually attractive and digestible

Step #3: Design the content

Ebook template by Piktochart
  • Avoid large blocks of text on one single page or on consecutive pages
  • Break up your text with images and graphics
  • Put emphasis on quotes and phrases by presenting them in a larger size or changing their typography
  • Separate chunks of text visually by using a different background colour
  • Highlight notable statistics in a different format
  • Include icons and/or a summary for better content digestion

Step #4: Create a landing page for your lead generation content

  • What pain points does your content address?
  • How is it different from other pieces of content you’ve already published?
  • How is it different from your competitor’s content?
  • What can the reader gain from reading it?

Landing page options

Show gratitude

Step #5: Launch a promotion campaign

  1. You’re not going to receive traffic immediately since SEO takes time
  2. Landing pages often don’t rank as well as other types of content

Email marketing

Blog post series

  • It helps with SEO. Only using the content as downloadable content for lead gen purposes reduces the chances of ranking for keywords, since copies on landing pages are often kept to a minimal. By separating them into various blog posts, you exploit the chance for the content to rank organically and increase visibility for your keywords.
  • It generates traffic to your landing page and potential leads. As we briefly touched on in step two, you can link to your landing page (another point for SEO) to help to encourage traffic and subsequently, leads.



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