9 ways to provide feedback to get the best out of your writers (and content)

  1. Any feedback is better than no feedback. Just as in the game, it’s impossible to advance if you’re not hearing “hot” or “cold”. How would you know in which direction to go?
  2. Constructive feedback requires a good balance of both positive and negative. If you’re only giving feedback when something hasn’t been done right, you’re only saying “cold” to your writers without elaborating. They’ll know they’re doing something wrong, but they wouldn’t know what or how to improve.

1. Invest time

Credit: Harvard Business Review

2. Give credit where credit is due

Credit: Harvard Business Review
  1. Knowing what you value and like about our work will help us to keep up the good work and improve.
  2. We’re still human and we do need validation every now and then to feel motivated.

3. Consider your requirements beforehand

  1. It increases the chances of your expectations being met.
  2. It helps as a checklist during the editing process to see what has and/or has not been fulfilled.

4. Define a process

  1. You can highlight and leave comments directly at the specific sentence, word, or paragraph you’d like changed.
  2. Their comments feature is extremely easy to use. Simply respond to the previous comment as if it were a chat.
  3. Its “suggesting” mode shows the writer what it is you’ve edited exactly. He/she can then accept or reject the changes and leave comments.
  4. All changes are saved online and in Google Drive itself, which makes it easy to revert to an older version if necessary.
  5. If there are several people involved in the writing/editing process, you can assign a comment directly to an individual, who will be notified automatically via email of a comment he/she needs to resolve.

5. Prioritise changes

6. Suggest instead of demand

7. Adapt your feedback

8. Be as specific as possible

  • What you want changed: this entire paragraph, this sentence here,…
  • Why you want it changed: it’s too complex, it’s not accurate, it’s too long…
  • What they should take away from the reference article (should you provide it): check out how they’ve explained it in the second page.

9. Put things in context



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