5 ways to immunise your content marketing against a crisis

Stay home. Flatten the curve.

1. Adapt your editorial content



2. Repurpose content

  • Angle: Have all possible story angles been covered?
  • Format: Are there formats you haven’t repurposed your content into?

3. Analyse your GA and GSC

What to look out for in Google Analytics

  • What pages are generating the most traffic? How are they related to one another? If you have a blog, look into its categories and the types of content that are performing the best.
  • What pages have higher conversion rates? Again, identify how they relate to one another. Is it the topic, the copy, or the page layout? What lessons can you extract from these pages to replicate it on other pages?
  • What content isn’t generating any results? As you look through your dashboard, you’re likely to come across some content outcasts. These are pieces that haven’t been performing and have been cast into a corner and almost forgotten. But that doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the content. More often than not, the content remains valid and extremely valuable. Reusing this type of content is always highly recommended and even more so when budgets are tight. If it’s a blog post, you could turn it into an ebook and create a lead generation campaign with it.

What to look out for in Google Search Console

  • Technical errors. In IndexCoverage is a list of pages that have generated errors due to technicalities like a bad redirect, broken links, etc.
  • In PerformanceSearch results, you’ll find a list of keywords that have produced results (generated clicks and impressions) on pages that are generating the most organic traffic. Here, you may discover new keywords related to those already used on an existing page that have not been optimised for. This helps to generate new content ideas and optimise existing content. More on that later.

4. Content benchmark DIY

  • What’s the current state of your content marketing efforts?
  • How can you get more from your content over the next few months?
  • What opportunities will you lose over the mid- to long-term?

5. Optimise pages for SEO

  • “Three-day gym routine”
  • “Four-day gym routine”
  • “Five-day gym routine”

When one door closes…



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